Dog Clothing

The fashion for dog clothes is more and more present
everywhere. However, one could question the usefulness of a dog’s
clothing.  Indeed, we dogs are equipped
with fur. Why then would I need a dog coat or something else? To explore this
question, let’s ask ourselves together whether dog coats, pyjamas, tuxedos,
sweaters, etc. are really necessary.

The different types of dog clothes

The dog coat

Classic and sometimes indispensable, the dog coat or
jacket is recommended for short-haired animals or small dogs. From the rain
coat to the winter dog coat, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Shopping addicts will take great pleasure in buying a
dog coat for every occasion.

The dog sweater

Another essential accessory during the winter, the dog
sweater will protect your doggie from the cold. Ideal indoors or in dry
weather, a dog’s sweater should not be worn in the rain or snow.

Once again, there are an infinite number of dog
sweaters, with very different designs or thickness.

The dog scarf

Always with the idea of keeping your doggie warm, the
dog wrap will protect your pet’s neck during very cold periods. It will also be
perfect to wear with a doggy blanket.

Be careful though: even the most unruly animals will
soon shred their dog scarf if they are not used to wearing it!

Dog socks

Dog socks for curious and cute dogs are to be used
indoors. They are generally more dedicated to small dogs.

Their interest is not only aesthetic, since they
prevent your pet from slipping on the floor, or even from being damaged.

Dog panties

Doggies are entitled to their stockings too! While most
dog sweaters will only protect the top part of your pet, dog pants will fit
your pet’s hind legs.

Once again, there is an obvious practical benefit, as
dog pants can protect your home during hot weather or in case of urine leakage.
They can also be accompanied by a protective towel or a dog diaper to avoid
having to wash them every time you use them.

Dog pajamas

Your pet may also be entitled to his pajamas! Designed
to warm up an animal at night, dog pajamas can also be used as dog clothing
during the day.

They can prevent your dog from shedding too much hair
while he sleeps.

The dog tuxedo

Here, we get more into the idea of the dog disguise! A
fun and amusing accessory, for example at weddings, the dog tuxedo will make
your pet look as elegant as ever!

Suitable for small and medium dogs, this accessory is
often accompanied by an elegant dog tie or a dog bow tie.

Buying a used garment for our doggies has many
advantages over a new one.

First of all, it is 4 to 5 times cheaper than a new
garment. You can therefore dress them with clothes from famous brands at really
low prices. Moreover, second hand clothes for animals are often authentic and
original. By buying second-hand clothing, you don’t run the risk of finding a
counterfeit. Buying used clothing is also a great way for our pets to be able
to wear top brands without spending a lot of money. This way, you can save as
much money as possible.