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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

My initial purchase from EntirelyPets.com was UTTERLY FLAWLESS!!! In the 6+ years I have been purchasing items online from a variety of catagories (clothing to household goods, auctions to retailers), I must rank EntirelyPets.com as the BEST I have encountered.

The prices are the BEST of anyone else (and I am a savvy shopper; I do research prior to chosing a site from which to purchase). I was also pleased with the shipping price, which is something I am a stickler about. I do not purchase from sites with inflated shipping costs.

The confirmation emails for purchase and follow-up emails for shipping were courteous and concise.

I was so delighted with the experience, I made another purchase a few days later. As long as EntirelyPets.com continues this trend, I will be a loyal customer.

A. King
Attleboro, MA

I have 3 pets that I love dearly and take very good care of. But, the costs associated with good health care for 3 senior pets can be a bit pricey. I had never ordered any medications and/or products for them over the internet and believe me I shopped, and read just about everything available, but I was still skeptical. However, when my 11 year old dog starting showing signs of arthritis and the appropriate medications and supplements prescribed, I was, for the first time, worried that I might not be able to afford to keep my old friend in tip-top shape.
I finally asked my sister, whos 10 year old golden retriever is on medication for arthritis - and the first words out of her mouth were ..EntirelyPets.Com..

What a Blessing!!!

Thank you - everyone at EntirelyPets

San Antonio, Texas

One of the things that I ordered required an Rx. The company contacted our vet (free of charge) to get it. Once they got it they sent our order out immediately. I couldn't be happier with their service, and will surely use them again for any of our pet's needs.


Len R

I have been ordering my pets medication for over a year and EntirelyPets.com has always provided the prescription medications on time, at a much lower cost than other online pet medication services. I usually compare the prices for a medication at EntirelyPets.com and then I compare it to other services. EntirelyPets.com always turns up to be more cost efficient. Thank you.

Marie B.

The prescription I ordered was priced lower at EntirelyPets.com than any of the pet sites that you see advertised on TV. Probably because they are NOT advertising on TV and this is what keeps the cost down. Shipping was very fast. Cost of the pet toys that I ordered was very competitive to pet stores or other web sites. This was my second order with EntirelyPets.com and I will definitely continue to order my pet's prescriptions through them.

Mary S.

I'm really getting disgusted with the prescription prices that my vet charges. Recently I purchased 20 pills from my vet and he charged us $35. I just purchased the same pill - but 90 of them... for $50.

I will tell everyone I know that has a pet about this website.

Valerie H.

I am very glad that I came upon your company by surfing. I am most happy with the speed in which my order was delivered. I am also very happy with your pricing.I am a pet groomer and a registered Persian Cat Breeder, and I will be happy to spread the word about your company,I have delt with most of the catalog pet suppliers and you rate at the top of my list now.

Kathy S.

I was thrilled with the service I received from your Entirely Pets. Not only did I save nearly half of what I would have paid my vet for the perscriptions Rimadyl and Cosequin, medications my dog will take daily for the rest of her life!, but I received it in two days....wonderful service! I will continue to use Entirely Pets and have recommended this organization to anyone who has pets and will listen to me! Thanks again, great job!

Teri M.

The web site itself was quite user friendly. And the order must have been processed the very afternoon that I placed it because it arrived two days later---with no special handling request. In fact, I didn't pay anything for S&H because of the amount of my order. I will certainly use this site again for further shopping in this category of items and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my friends.

Timothy M.

I have shopped at Entirely Pets for two years now, and they have always exceeded my expectations in customer service, price, and product. I have stopped looking at their competitors, because I have never found a better service.

David H.

Incredible! I have been ordering from the internet for a while now, and Entirelypets.com is one of the best places I have ordered from to date. A yearly supply of Frontline Plus was much, much cheaper here than anywhere else I found. I got free shipping with my order exceding $100, and it arrived within 3 days of placing my order. What more could you ask for?

Warren P.

Quick, easy and secure ordering. I felt confident the whole time unlike some other sites I have ordered from. Prices are the lowest by far on the 5 items I purchased with comparison to 11 other similar websites. I will continue to use EntirelyPets for my pet meds and supplies.

Gail M.

This is not the first transaction i have had with EntirelyPets.com and the reason I am a repeat customer is that they have competitive prices, have a site that is easy to navigate, they take care of getting the RX authorized and shipped right away! This is an excellent merchant that i will do business with again and have even told my veterinarian about them. High praise for this company!

Lynne R.

The timing for this turned out to be perfect. We just took our cats to the Vet yesterday and as we were checking out at the desk she showed up with a 16 oz. bottle of Dermazole. She told the clerk that we would also be needing some more shampoo and that it would be $84.60. I said, Oh no, we dont get it here anymore. You wont believe it, but I just bought two 16 oz. bottles of Dermazole from EntirelyPets.com for $58 which included the costs of Priority shipping. Then I told her, I dont know if they give volume discounts to Vets that place large orders but even if they dont it would be worth your while to go online right now and check them out.

With that she snatched up the bottle, turned on her heel and walked away without saying a word. When we were outside I told my wife I thought that I upset someone. She replied, I think you need to find us a new Vet. I told her that if we were even half as happy with the new Vet as I am with EntirelyPets.com then everything will be just fine.

Having been the owner of a building and construction business for over 25 years I truly appreciate those who give excellent customer service. EntirelyPets.com has exceeded all of my expectations (which are considerably higher than the average consumers).

p.s. I have already checked to see if EntirelyPets.com was a publicly traded company because I feel that this company is truly a winner.

Russ C.

Wow, by far the best price compared to other online vendors! Prices are approximately 35% less than what I was going to pay if I ordered at another company!

Within a few days (much sooner than I was anticipating), a package arrived in the mail. I was so surprised since the company was going to have to contact our vet to confirm the prescription?!!! Great price and great service...what a winning combination!

Money is very tight in our household due to other family expenses. Since our 14-yr-old Lab/Great Dane mix is a very important part of our family, finding a vendor like EntirelyPets.com has been a blessing! This supplement seems to be a magic pill for her arthritis. Our little one is once again tussling with the 3-yr-old cat!

Thank you EntirelyPets.com!

Jeanne G.

I love my dogs more than the average person. I have to give one of them an enzyme additive to her food. EntirelyPets.com makes this possible with their pricing. It is half the cost of the same medicine from my vet. I have never had to wait longer than 3 days to receive the shipment, even though I order the cheaper shipping rate. I keep going back to them for the medicine because they treat me like I am an important customer. I thank them for being there when I need them. THEY ARE GREAT PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!! I thank them and all three of my dogs thank them.

Clarence C.

Bravo to your company!! My order that was placed Monday afternoon (4/4) was astoundingly in my hands Wednesday morning (4/6). Since your site said 4-7 days for shipping I did not expect my order to arrive until next week. You are the best!! this was my 1st experience with mail order pet meds and fully exceeded my expectations.

For my product needs in the future I will definitely order from nowhere but Entirely Pets & will highly recommend your company to others.

My 11 year old Cocker Spaniel can only have the Cosequin DS for her arthritis because of its ingredients since she overcame Acute Auto Immune Lymphomatic Leukemia exactly 2 years ago. She cannot use less expensive joint meds due to her condition. I did check with several pet med sites to price compare since 120 Cosequin DS capsules cost $83 at our vet & I knew I could do better. One site which claimed to be a discount site actually cost more than obtaining the med from the vet! With your phenominal sale price I got 250 Cosequin DS for $79.99 ($83.84 with shipping). this is more than double the 120 from my vet for the same price. Needless to say since I was just downsized from my job & out of work this thrilled me to no end. Regardless of what I have to give up, I will not let my beloved Lahaina suffer since I have known all too well the pain of rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years since my early 20's.

Again, my praise for your wonderful & prompt processing of my order. You have certainly earned my trust & praise.

Peg C.

I am able to purchase my pets medication for about half what my vet charges. My veterinarian recommended that I go on-line to see about purchasing Synovi-MSM powder for my German Shepherd. I thanked him the next time I saw him and told him I had found Entirelypets. He said that he is in fact an entirelypets.com customer too! My orders arrive very promptly and are always accurate. Since I have multiple pets, I can almost always take advantage of the discount codes given in Entirelypets monthly newsletter which makes shipping virtually free. I have recommended Entirelypets to several friends who are pet owners and all of them have come back to thank me for helping them save more and get such get service in the process.

Loretta D.

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