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Why Owning a Dog Is Good for You

Some people would love to have a dog, but they avoid getting one because of the extra mess and responsibility pets entail. If you are one such individual, perhaps you should consider the advantages of dog ownership more carefully. Research indicates that owning a dog may be beneficial to a personís physical and psychological health. Research Findings All kinds of studies have been carried out to see what health benefits dog ownership provides.

According to research findings, owning a dog may help in the prevention or treatment of many different diseases and health complaints. For instance, evidence suggests that people who own a dog will suffer less headaches, dizzy spells and colds. Sick people who own dogs may have a quicker recovery rate than non-pet owners. Contact with a dog could help boost the appetite of an Alzheimerís patient. People might be more likely to survive the first year after a heart attack if they have a dog. It has even been proposed that dogs can detect cancer by smelling a personís breath. More Physical Activity Being a responsible dog owner definitely means more physical activity.

All dogs need regular exercise if they are to remain physically and mentally healthy. Hence the dog owner has to get his/her backside off the couch every day and take the pooch for a walk. Owning a dog can help you stay slim because of the consistent activity. The daily walks can also help to lower the ownerís cholesterol levels and blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues. Less Stress People who own dogs are less stressed out than those who do not. Thatís because owning a dog forces you to pay attention to something else other than your problems. If you have to feed, walk, hug and play with a dog, you have less time to worry or overanalyze things. Less stress means better psychological health.

Going to the park and socializing with other dog owners is also psychologically beneficial because it means you arenít at home moping. Even sitting on the sofa and stroking your dog is mentally soothing. There are also physical benefits associated with the relaxation and reduction in stress dog ownership provides. If you have lower levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream, you will be less likely to develop any of the many stress-related diseases. Before You Buy If you decide to get a dog because of the associated health benefits, you should think carefully before making a decision. You need to consider which dog breed would best be suited to your personality and the environment you live in. For instance, if you are slightly impatient it is better to choose a biddable dog breed rather than a stubborn one. If you live in a city, you should opt for one of the dog breeds that only require a moderate amount of exercise. More active dog breeds require a large yard to run around in and regular walks. Bear in mind that owning a dog isnít just about what your pet can do for you. Always ask yourself what you can do for the dog before deciding.

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