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Program flavor tabs_PROGRAM flea control for dogs and puppies comes in the form of Flavor Tablets. This product has no effect on adult fleas but rather controls fleas by breaking the flea life cycle at the egg stage. Each packet has 6 tablets providing 6 months of protection. The new Program Flavor Tablets are tastier and easier to administer! As an insect development inhibitor, PROGRAM Flavor Tabs do not kill adult fleas, but effectively and safely control flea populations on your cat through a mode of action which breaks the flea's life cycle at the egg stage.

Program Cats Program Flea Control Orange:
Cats up to 10 lbs.

6 Month More Info...
12 Month More Info...

Program Cat Program Flea Control Green:
Cats 11-20 lbs.
6 Month More Info...
12 Month More Info...

Program for dogs 1-10 pounds Program Flea Brown:
For dogs up to 10 lbs.

6 Month More Info...
12 Month More Info...
Program for dogs 11-20 pounds Program Flea Red:
For dogs 11-20 lbs. (Cats up to 6 lbs)
6 Month More Info...
12 Month More Info...

Program for dogs 21-45 pounds Program Flea Yellow:
For dogs 21-45 lbs.
(Cats 7-15 lbs)
6 Month More Info...
12 Month More Info...

Program 45-90 Pounds Program Flea Control White :
For dogs 46-90 lbs
6 Month More Info...
12 Month More Info...

How Fleas Affect Your Pet

Fleas are difficult to see, but you can certainly tell when they're around--especially when they're on your pet.

Warning Signs

The following are warning signs that there may be fleas on your pet:

Black Specks
black specks on your pet or in your dog's or cat's bed may be "flea dirt"--the fecal matter from adult fleas. There are two easy ways to check for black specks:

* Flea Comb--available from your veterinarian (the metal ones are the best). Run the comb over your pet, making sure the comb reaches the skin through the coat. If black specks are on the comb when you pull it off, they might be flea dirt. If fleas are on the comb, drown them in a bowl of soapy water before they can get away or jump back on your pet.
* White paper towel--place a white paper towel beneath your pet and rub your hands across its fur. If black specks appear on the towel, they may be flea dirt.

If infested with fleas, your pet will become very nervous and annoyed and will probably scratch excessively.

If these warning signs appear, consult your veterinarian. You can control your pet's existing fleas and prevent them from ever bothering your pet again with monthly applications of Progam, K9 Advantix, Advantage or Frontline Plus.

Fleas can affect your pet's health in the following ways:

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
When a flea bites your dog or cat, it deposits a small amount of saliva in the skin. Your pet can develop FAD in reaction to this saliva, which causes severe itching. In addition to your pet scratching or biting excessively around the tail, groin or backside, scabs or bumps may also appear on your pet's neck or back.

Anemia occurs in young, older or ill pets if too many fleas suck their blood. The symptoms of anemia include pale gums, weakness and lethargy in your pet.

Infected cats may not have clinical signs or show symptoms, but this disease can be passed to humans. People with this infection may have severe headache, high fever, delerium and depression.

Three forms of plague are seen in cats and people: bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic plague. Bubonic is the most common in cats and is associated with high fever, dehydration and enlarged lymph nodes.

Dogs or cats infected by tapeworm may have intense anal itching and weightloss. However, they may show no signs at all. People can also be infected. Symptoms include intense anal itching and presence of tapeworm segments in feces. As with pets, people may also have no symptoms.

Cat Scratch Disease
Although cats usually have no signs of this disease, it can be passed to people. Symptoms in infected people include a pustule at the infection site, low-grade fever, enlarged lymph nodes and listlessness.

If you believe that your pet is suffering from any of these ailments, consult your veterinarian. Contact your physician if you believe you may be infected with any of these diseases. You may be able to lower both your and your pet's risk of suffering from these flea-bite related ailments by regularly applying Program, Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix to your pet.

Frequently vacuum the areas your pet is around, especially carpeted areas in your home, any furniture that is frequented by your pet, and in your car (if your pet rides in your car). This will clean up as many immature fleas (eggs, larvae and pupae) as possible.

Regularly wash your pet's bedding, blanket and other washable items in the hottest water possible (check the laundering instructions to make sure that washing in hot water isn't a problem).

Mow your lawn and rake up any leaves, brush or clippings.

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