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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the same products that I get from my vet?
Yes, these are the same exact products. We have veterinarians on staff to guide us through product selection. All of our products are FDA approved, unlike some other sources on the internet and even local pet stores.

Do I need a prescription for Advantage, Frontline or Program?

No, you do not need a prescription for these products. These, and most other products we sell, are over the counter, so you can order from us online and we will ship immediately. Products that require a prescription (those under the Heartworm and Medications sections) are clearly denoted.

How do I get a prescription from my Vet?
We need a signed prescription from your vet on some products like heartworm preventatives. Most vets are happy to do this providing there is no medical reason not do to so. Prescription labels are not acceptable. As an alternative, we can also call your Vet to OK the prescription. To use this option, please provide your pet's name and contact information for your Vet in the Vet Info section of the order form.

How do I send you the prescription?

You can mail it to us to the address on the Help Center page. You can also scan the prescription and email it as an attachment (file smaller than 300K) to rx@entirelypets.com, or fax it to either 1-800-889-2966. Please place your order online first and write your order number on the prescription before faxing, and please fax only once.

How do I get refills on a prescription I've ordered previously?
If there were refills listed on your prescription, we will keep the prescription on file. If you know you have refills remaining on your last prescription submitted to us, please place a new order and write "Prescription on file" in the Vet Info section of the order form. If you have no refills remaining, please place a new order and fax us another prescription, or you can have us call your Vet to Ok the prescription by providing your pet's name and contact information for your Vet in the Vet Info section of the order form.

Our toll free fax number for prescriptions and orders is 1-800-889-2966.


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